PCXe History:

PCX was created in 1991 by John L. Otto.
Originally providing basic website graphic design and computer repair services in Wichita Kansas.
Through years of freelance work (self employment) graduating college, having worked at a local
PC recycling & repair shops, managing their computer repair & refurbished PC sales department
Soon PCX had developed an 'e' & by the time It opened A Computer Repair Sales & Recycling Shop...
...'Central Standard Computers' which ran successfully for 3 1/2 years
with an extensive history in graphic design / web production / printing services
specializing in computer systems analyses & troubleshooting / network & computer systems installations
maintenance refurbishing & repair

John L. Otto the web author of this site, creator of PCXe & the person typing these words
To Date:
PCXe is currently offering general & specialized computer services to the general public & our exclusive clientele
PCXe has 'teamed up with' Sphere-Tek Computer a locally owned & operated computer repair store.
This increases our ability to offer a wider range of services.
PCXe and Sphere-Tek Computer Offer 'In Store' Laptop & Desktop Repair Services & Sales
We offer pick up & delivery, in shop repair & other specialized services
PLEASE feel free to contact me (John Otto)
Call: (316) 871-5888 Please leave a message if there is no answer
Or Email Me at the address below: